Mama Zooms

Mama Zooms, by Jane Cowen-Fletcher Cover of the book Mama Zooms

I’ll confess that this book entered our rotation because I thought it should: I liked the positive depiction of a wheelchair user. But it is a sweet, if simple, story, too. The child imagines all sorts of adventures while riding on mama’s lap. It was never a particular favorite of either of my kids, but it was never one they rejected when I picked it out, either. There are so few picture books that depict disabilities, that was enough to keep it in the regular rotation.¬†I think we gave our copy away years ago, but I can still remember some of the adventures they had, and I remember my kids talking about how they could have similar adventures using their wagon. So while I doubt any of us will remember this book as a treasured favorite, it is a lot better than many of the books we read!

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