Blue Hat, Green Hat

Blue Hat, Green Hat, by Sandra Boyntonbluehatgreenhat_scaled

This book has been one of my younger daughter’s favorites for years. She likes to read it to me. For quite awhile, she read it like this: “Blue hat, green hat, red hat, poots!” She has lost that particular adorable mispronunciation and now reads it properly as “Blue hat, green hat, red hat, oops.”

When I say “read,” I mean that she says the words. She has memorized them. Although the observant adult will notice evidence that she can actually read quite a few words, she steadfastly insists that she cannot read. I’m not too worried about it: I figure school will sort that out. Still, I am grateful for this book, which reminds her how fun it is to be able to read a book on your own. It is going into the (far too big) stack of books that I’ll never give away, even as my kids outgrow them.

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