Bunny and Me


Bunny and Me, by Adele Aron Greenspun, illustrated by Joanie Schwarz

This seems like a good book to use for my first post, because it was an absolute favorite in my family. It was my older daughter’s first favorite book, and my younger daughter loved it, too- as did I. In fact, it is one of the books I set aside and did not give away when my kids outgrew it.

Both of my kids loved this book as babies (maybe 6-9 months old), and then loved it again as young toddlers. My theory (which of course I cannot prove) is that they loved the book so much because of the simple, engaging story and the realistic illustrations showing the baby’s emotions. The illustrations are based on photographs, and my kids seemed to think of the baby in the book as “real.”

The story follows a baby and a bunny who are playing together… until the bunny hops away. The baby is distraught and searches for bunny, and is then overjoyed when bunny is found.

In the toddler phase of loving this book, my kids would “help” search for the bunny and would say the “there’s bunny!” line with me.

In short, this is a sweet, simple story that really drew my kids in when they were quite young.

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