Corduroy, by Don Freeman

Sometimes, you read a picture book that is considered a classic and think it is only held in such high regard because people are nostalgic for their own childhood. But sometimes, you can seecorduroy why the book’s popularity persists. Corduroy is definitely an example of the latter case. The story of the little bear who goes in search of his lost button so that he can find a home is just great. Both of my kids liked this book, but it really resonated with my younger one, perhaps because when the little girl in the book takes Corduroy home to her room, the text says “The room was small…” For awhile, my daughter would interrupt me there and say “like my room!” She has the smallest room in the house, and had just started to recognize that and want a bigger room like her older sister has.

Whatever the reason for its popularity with my daughter, I never mind reading this book. The story is sweet and pictures are fun.

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