The Bird Alphabet Book

The Bird Alphabet Book, by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Edgar Stewart

My older daughter loved birds when she was a young toddler. “Bird” was one of her first words, although we could The Bird Alphabet Bookonly understand it because she accompanied it with the sign. She loved to sit at the sliding glass door that looks out onto our backyard and watch birds. Since we’re softies, we put up a bird feeder to bring more birds to our yard for her to see.

My parents noticed her love of birds and gave her this book. It is an alphabet book, but it is also more than that. It introduces a wide range of birds, and is full of interesting facts. It has a great and somewhat quirky voice- for instance for the letter B it starts an entry about bats, and then breaks off with “Hey, wait a second! Bats are not birds. Bats are mammals. Even thought they have wings and they can fly, they do not have feathers. Get out of this book, you Bats!”

That always made my daughter giggle, no matter how many times we read the book to her. She loved this book, and I never really got tired of reading it, either.

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